Kathleen Koziel


Kathleen’s experience includes over 30 years of a successful career in “Corporate America” with various roles in analytics, pricing, finance and operations. After a year of unexpected events in her personal life, Kathleen did some soul searching and realized it was time for a change. She fondly remembered times in her life when she was able to get away from numbers and facts, and explore the splendor of the world through various means of art.

After attending a painting event, Kathleen shared with her friends, “I had so much fun that evening with my friends and other guests. Everyone was engaged… following the step by step directions from the art instructor; laughing at themselves; complimenting their friends’ masterpieces… smiles were everywhere, as well as many bottles of empty wine! It was three hours of being in a different world, getting away from the pressures and responsibilities of my hectic life. Tapping into my creative side opened up the flood gates and I knew this experience was something I wanted to share with as many people as possible.”

And, so Kathleen’s dream for her future became very clear to her, “I want to provide a unique environment where guests can explore the beauty of the world through art, drink some good wine (or other beverage of choice), listen to some great music and laugh with family, friends and others.” Thus, The Sipping Muse became a reality.

Anyone who knows Kathleen, knows she enjoys being creative and loves to host and entertain her family and friends. The Sipping Muse is the perfect venture for Kathleen!

8672a3_1fdcf98c75384cd19796537a50fd7303Angelica Guida

Master Artist

Angelica has enjoyed creating art all of her life, and has taken various art classes for the majority of it, exploring many different mediums. Her first professionally framed masterpiece was in first grade, when she created an abstract collage of blues, using many different textures with different shades of blue paint, brush strokes and finger paints, crayons, construction and tissue paper, beads and glitter. Angelica’s teacher was very impressed and told her mom the work was creative and sophisticated for a first grader. All throughout high school, Angelica explored various forms of art, and many of her pieces received recognition at art fairs.

Angelica earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art History from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also studied abroad in Italy, where she experienced the masterpieces of some of the greatest artists like Michelangelo, da Vinci, Botticelli and Donatello.

Angelica’s most precious creations are her young daughters Portia & Stella.

Angelica loves sharing her passion for art and enjoys inspiring others to create their own masterpieces at The Sipping Muse.

8672a3_efb1ff3396b3413ebbb6c3728ae60229Jenny Beckner

Studio Manager

Jenny is an easy-going, family-oriented and happy young woman. She is a devoted and loving wife, mother, daughter and friend. Her greatest joy in life is her toddler son Cameron, who keeps her busy coming up with creative ways to entertain him.

Jenny is friendly and outgoing; definitely a real people person. She loves working with and meeting new people and has an infectious enthusiasm for creating beautiful things.

Along with Jenny’s great personality, energy and enthusiasm, her background in customer service and strong organizational skills make her the perfect studio manager for The Sipping Muse. She’s very comfortable in the forefront, greeting guests as they come to an event and getting them all set up for their fun evening. And, she’s great in the background, keeping our calendar up-to-date, setting up and customizing private events, managing our website and Facebook pages.

Jenny is very excited to be a part of The Sipping Muse and feels so fulfilled when she sees the smiles on everyone’s faces while attending an event and creating their paintings.