Coronavirus Protocol: 

The Sipping Muse remains committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our customers and employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More details on how we are addressing this commitment are outlined below.   

Staff:  upon arrival all employees will use hand-sanitizer, put on face mask.  Their temperature will be taken and confirmation they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, nor does anyone they have any contact with have symptoms.  They will maintain social distancing when possible, and wash their hands/use sanitizer often.  Staff will wear at all times.  The art instructor may temporarily remove mask while teaching and maintain 6′ social distancing, but will put mask on when approaching customers.

Customers:  Customers entering the studio MUST wear a face mask and clean hands with hand sanitizer.  Temperatures will be checked (touchless infrared thermometer) and questions asked about symptoms or potential exposure to COVID-19.  We ask that customers limit touching anything in studio until seated.  Customers will be socially distanced when seated (unless from same family).  Masks are to remain on, but can be temporarily removed when drinking or eating.

NOTE:  If a customer is interested in looking through our art for sale, we have plastic gloves available and ask for them to use hand sanitizer before touching the paintings.

Cleaning Protocols:  After each painting session, employees will wear gloves and masks to clean up.  Brown paper will be removed from tables and thrown away with red cup, disposable apron, paper plate, etc.  Paint brushes will be disinfected in hot soapy water.  Easels, table and chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant.  Brown paper on table will be replaced. 

Daily:  all frequently touched surfaces inside the studio (doors, handles, light switches, trash containers, etc) will be wiped down with disinfectant.  IPad, phone, printer, laptop will be disinfected. Front desk and office supplies will also be wiped down.  Employees will wear masks and gloves while doing the cleaning.  After each use of the thermometer, it will be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.  If customer is paying in-store, iPad will be wiped down before and after each use. 

Bathrooms are professionally cleaned weekly.  At the end of each shift, all surfaces will be wiped down with disinfectant – door, handle, sink, faucet, hand dryer, trash can, door stalls/handles, toilet seat, toilet handle, toilet paper holder.


Due to the Coronavirus and state imposed restrictions, The Sipping Muse is only offering the following programs at the Studio.

  1. To Go Canvas or Ornament Paint Kits.  Kits include all the supplies you need (canvas or glass ornament, paint, brushes, disposable apron, printed step-by-step instructions and other paint supplies).  The kits are $25 for Canvas, $25 for Ornament, or $42 for a Couples Kit (which includes 2 of most items).  We have 135 different canvas designs you can choose..  To place an order click here:  To see what painting selections are offered go to and click on photos/albums/to go kits.  We have “no contact” pickup, delivery for $5, and shipping available.  Enter your credit code as you checkout and $70 will be subtracted from the total.
  2. Virtual Parties via Zoom.  We can host up to 30 people on Zoom (8 minimum) and provide paint kits based on painting selection.  The fee is $25 for 11×14 canvas and other paint supplies for a 2 hour meeting.  In addition, there is a one time art instructor fee for $40.  We are flexible with date and times.  If interested in a Virtual Party fill out this form:
  3. In-studio family parties.  We are hosting private parties in the studio for families.  Must be in the same social “bubble”.  Maximum of 10 people.  No other groups will be in the studio during your party.  Fee is $40 for ages 13 and older to paint on a 16×20 canvas.  Ages 12 and under $25 to paint on a 12×16 canvas.  Includes all supplies and is led step-by-step by an experienced art instructor.  One painting can be selected from our gallery for the group to paint. Limited studio hours. If interested, fill out this form:
  4. Pop in & paint.  By reservation only, up to 4 people in a small group to pop in during business hours,   Fee is  $$32 for ages 13 and older to paint on a 16×20 canvas.  Ages 12 and under $25 to paint on a 12×16 canvas. Guests will be socially distanced and we won’t schedule more than 2 small groups at a time.  Each individual can select whatever painting from the studio to create.  Includes all supplies, but NOT instruction.  For 1 on 1 lesson, the fee is $5 per person.  Time in the studio is limited to 2 1/2 hours max.  If more time is needed, fee is $20 for increments of 30 minutes.  To book an appointment, fill out:
  5. Art for Sale:  ALL artwork in the studio is for sale, including originals painted by artists who have worked at the studio throughout the years.  Canvas art is 3 for $20.  Wine Glasses & Bottles $3 each.  Wood pieces, priced as marked.  Studio hours keep changing, but right now we are open for art sales on Fri, Sat, Sun from 12-5pm.
We do follow COVID protocol in the studio.  Anyone entering the studio must wear a mask, have temperature checked, wear plastic gloves if looking through art, use hand sanitizer.  In addition, we have a specific cleaning procedures that adhere to CDC and state recommendations.
Also, due to COVID, we no longer supply any parties supplies:  paper plates, napkins, silverware, cups, wine opener, ice buckets, etc.  Guests can still bring in refreshments during their paint session, but need to provide their own party supplies.  Masks can be removed temporarily while eating or drinking.

Our studio is located in beautiful, historic downtown Wheaton at 122 N. Hale St.  We are right next to the Ivy Restaurant and Miroballi Shoe Store, and across from the Wheaton Grand Theater and Wheaton Drama House.  Google us for exact directions!

Hale is a one-way street running north.  Limited parking is available on Hale St., however, a parking garage is located off of Wesley, turn left (west) on Hale, go 1/2 block and turn left.  Parking garage is located on the right (behind the studio).  Customer entrance to the studio is located on Hale St. and we ask that you use the front entrance.


Feel free to contact the Studio at (630)949-8565 regarding daily hours.  They do change seasonally.

Current Hours of Operation for Fall (effective 9/1/19)

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:  Studio Closed (By appointment only for Private Parties)
Thursday:  2pm – 10pm
Friday & Saturday:  Noon-10:00pm
Sunday:  Noon-6:00pm

Private parties can be booked during any day/any time based on availability.  Fill out “contact” us form

Pop In & Paint Hours 

Monday thru Wednesday:  Studio Closed
Thursday & Friday:  2pm-6pm
Saturday & Sunday:  Noon-6pm

Art instruction available for additional fee, no appointment necessary during the above days/times.

Public Events Classes are posted on the Calendar of Events, Typical classes are:

Thursday & Friday:  7:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday: 1:00pm-4:00pm, 4:00pm-7:00pm and 7:00-10:00pm
Sunday:  1:00pm-4:00pm, 4:00pm-6:30pm

Weekly hours and events are posted on our Facebook page at

Times are also posted on studio window signage.

Don’t worry. No art experience is necessary. Our qualified art instructors will guide you step by step in creating your masterpiece. They will tell you what paint brush to use, how to mix your paint colors, and instruct you on painting techniques to achieve the desired look. If you do have experience in painting, you are always encouraged to add your own special touch to your artwork.

We typically plan 3 hours for our in-studio public and private events (2 to 2 1/2 hrs for kids parties).  For in-studio events, the time listed on the calendar is when doors open for check-in.  The painting session begins 15-30 minutes later, and lasts approximately 2 to 2 1/4 hours, with time for socializing, as well as group photos at the end of the session.  Please note, some of the classes may take less than 3 hours, depending on the painting selection.

We do not like to rush our guests, one of our goals is to provide a relaxing environment for everyone and an opportunity for socializing among participants.  Our expert art instructors are great at balancing the pace based upon the various skill levels of guests as well as the complexity of the art selection.  The art instructor and party assistant(s) will individually assist guests as needed.  We take pride in our customer’s walking away with a piece of artwork they are happy with and want to display in their home or office, or give away as a gift.

Since we use acrylic paints, your canvas painting will dry quickly. We will take short breaks at various times, to allow the paint dry before moving onto the next section.  If needed, we do have blow dryers available in the studio to help speed up the drying process.  And, you will be able to leave with your painting, and no worries about it smudging or getting paint on your car seat.

For wine glass painting, we suggest guests let the item dry for 10 minutes when finished. We provide tissue paper and gift bags to safely transport your glass when you leave.

NOTE:  When booking a private event, if you would like more than 3 hours of studio time, we do offer additional studio time for an additional $50/hr.

We use non-toxic acrylic, water soluble paint and do provide aprons, but suggest you wear casual and comfortable clothes, as well as a short sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve top.  While the paint will wash off of your hands, it is not always easy to get out of clothing.  Sometimes clear-colored hand sanitizer works, or rubbing alcohol.  We do keep these items on hand.  The Sipping Muse is not responsible for any paint spills on guests personal belongings while in the studio.

Cancellations for registrations fees paid in advance, not including deposit (public and private events): For cancellations more than 48 hrs prior to event, a refund less processing fees ($1.25-2.00 per ticket refunded) can be issued upon request (processed within 5-7 days business days) or a credit given toward a future event.  If cancellation is within 12-48 hrs of an event, a credit will be issued for a future event.  Cancellations within 12 hours of event, or “no shows”, will receive no credit or no refund.   We are sympathetic to last minute illness or emergencies, and we ask that you understand we have already scheduled our artists (and studio space) based upon registered guests as of the day before the event.   So whether or not you are there, we still must pay for their time.  Please contact us via email at to cancel or reschedule your reservation.  We do not take cancellations over the phone.

Deposits:  For private in-studio events and well as private off-site events, a non-refundable deposit equal to 2 paint fees is required.  The deposit is non-refundable because we reserve space at the studio (and time/staff for off-site) for your group.  The deposit will cover 2 people at your party.   For company/office parties (in-studio or off-site), the non-refundable deposit is $200 applied to balance day of event.  If you need to reschedule your event, a 7 day notice must be provided and the deposit will be credited for a future event.  If 7 day notice isn’t provided, your deposit is forfeited. Please contact us via email at to cancel or reschedule your event.  

Closing the Studio to the Public:  In addition, you have the option to book a private party or company/office parties with the option to close the studio to the public.  You must have a minimum of 20 guests, and an additional $100 non-refundable fee is due for non-peak periods (Mon-Wed, Thur & Fri afternoons), during peak periods (Thurs & Fri evenings, Sat and Sun) the fee to close the studio is $200.  NOTE:  additional fees may apply if you are not at the minimum of 20 people. These fees are non-refundable, but a credit can be applied to a future event, as long as a 14 day notice is provided.   If 14 day notice isn’t provided, your fee is forfeited. Please contact us via email at to cancel or reschedule your event.

Tips are not required, but are certainly appreciated by our art instructors.  If your art instructor exceeded your expectations, feel free to tip them.  Also, you can leave reviews on Facebook, Yelp or Google and mention your artist’s name.  Our studio artists work very hard for little compensation because they are very passionate about art and sharing their talents and insights with our customers.  An appropriate tip is 10-15% of your total bill.

Thank You,

Kathleen Koziel, Owner

COVID UPDATE:  Public events are on-hold until further notice.

Public Events are open to anyone to attend.  The schedule of public events is available on the Calendar of Events and feature a selected canvas, glass or wood design for the session.  Some events are noted as “family friendly” and are appropriate for families and children (age 5 and above).  All kids programs are part of our Young Muse’s Club and noted as such in the title on the calendar of events.  We do also offer date nights, which are noted as such on the calendar.

Please register via the calendar and pay in advance.  For family friendly, you will register for ages 13 and up (paint on 16×20 canvas) and ages 12 and under (paint on 12×16 canvas) during check out.  There is an option for both, please register under appropriate age.

No art experience is necessary!  A qualified art instructor will guide you step-by-step to create your artwork… showing you what brushes to use, how to mix colors, and what stroke techniques to use.  We make it easy so even the novice artist can create a beautiful masterpiece!  And, we do encourage the more experienced artists to apply their creative inspiration to their work!

Public Events normally occur  Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings, as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  We have at least 2-3 special events every month, as well as some pricing specials.  Check out the calendar of events or our Facebook Page for specifics.

You can bring a large group to a public event.  Just make note of the group name when registering, and we will seat your group together (8 people per table).  Our public events can accommodate up to 32 people in our main studio.

The standard paint fee is $35 (unless otherwise noted) to paint on a 16 x 20 canvas.  For family friendly event, guests 12 and under paint for $22 on a 12×16.  Our wine glass & wine bottle painting fees vary ($35 for 2).  See our FAQ about glass painting for more details.  Our wood board painting fee starts at $43, and goes up based upon the size of the board and amount of stenciling.  We also offer designs where we teach you how to make flowers out of felt, which can then be added to your canvas, wood board or wine bottle (additional fees apply).

All Events held at our studio are “BYOB” (Bring Your Own…Beverages and food or snacks).  Bottled water and soda can be purchased for $1 each.  We provide beverage cups, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, barware and serving utensils.  We do not have ice, however you can bring in your own ice (buckets/tubs available in the studio).  If you are celebrating something special at a public event (ie birthday), you are welcomed to bring in celebration cake, basic decorations and/or balloons.

Please note you must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol at our studio.  We do check IDs.  All guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult during public events.

For a complete listing of Public Events, visit our calendar of events.


COVID UPDATE:  Pop In & Paint by appointment only until further notice.  Fri, Sat, Sun 12-5pm.

“Pop In & Paint” hours are basically an open studio at various times throughout the day when Public Events are not in session.  Typical Fall hours are from 2pm thru through 6:00pm, Thursday & Friday.  And, Noon-6pm on Saturday & Sunday.  NOTE:  hours are added for Pop In & Paint during the summer season.  Otherwise, studio closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Come in at anytime during the Pop In & Paint hours and paint on a canvas.  All supplies provided  You are free to be inspired by the artwork in our gallery, or by your own personal or meaningful design.

We provide non-toxic, water soluable, acrylic washable paint and finger paint for children and have smaller sized aprons available.  While our paint easily washes from hands, it may not wash out of clothing.  We provide aprons, and guests should dress appropriate.  The Sipping Muse is not responsible for any paint spills on clothing.

Please note:  there is no art instruction provided during our Pop In & Paint sessions.  However, if an art instructor is available, optional instruction can be provided for an additional fee.  To ensure an art instructor is available, call ahead to schedule a session.

POP IN & PAINT FEES:   Check out our “Frequent Pop In & Painter Card” buy 5 sessions, 6th is free.  One card per person, no expiration.

Senior Citizens (60 and older) & Veterans (show Military Card):  15% Discount, Paint for $27.00 and additional $5 for art instruction, paints on a 16×20 canvas

Adults (17 and older):  $32 and additional $5 for art instruction, paints on a 16×20 canvas

Teens (13 – 16):  $25 and  additional $5 for art instruction, paints on a 16 x 20 canvas

Pre-Teens (9-12):  $20 and additional $5 for art instruction, paints on 12 x 16 canvas.  Can  upgraded to 16×20 canvas for $5,

Children (5-8);  $15 and additional $5 for art instruction, paints on 12 x 12 canvas or 12×16 canvas (based on painting selection).

Children (4 and under):  $10 and $3 additional charge for art instructions, paints on 12×12 canvas

For a weekly update of our Pop in & Paint hours, see our weekly post on facebook (  Hours are also listed on the daily and weekly “at the studio” signs in our storefront window.

Currently, we offer a “Frequent Pop In & Paint” punch card.  Valid towards our Pop In & Paint sessions.  Buy 5 sessions and the 6th one is free.  One card per person.  Does not expire.  Great for your mini masters who love to paint!

Cards available at the Front Desk.

COVID UPDATE:  Private parties for family/friends in same social “bubble”.  Max of 10 people until further notice.  Ages 13 and older $40, paint on 16×20 canvas.  Ages 12 and under $25, paint on 12×16 canvas.

ABSOLUTELY!  Host a birthday party, bachelorette, bridal or baby shower, girls night out, couple’s events, etc.  Why book a private party versus attending a public event?  A  section of the studio is reserved specifically for your group, including 1-2 banquet tables for your food and beverages.  You are able to choose your artwork for the party.  You can bring in party decor based on the theme and occasion of your party.  During private parties, guests have more time to socialize, snack and sip, while having individual attention from an art instructor.

Pricing:  The minimum fee for a private party is $400, which covers up to 10 people.  If attendance is above 10, the fee is $40 per person.  Fee includes 16×20 canvas or 2 wine glasses.    Prices for wood are higher and vary based upon wood selected.   NOTE:  this pricing is not valid for children’s parties or Corporate/Office Events.

All painting supplies are provided, including a 16×20 canvas (or glass/wood), an apron, as well as an art instructor and party assistant (for parties over 20 people).  Fill out the form on the “contact” tab to inquire about booking a private party in our studio.

For Parties of 10 or more:  The STANDARD paint fee for in-studio private parties is $40 per person for canvas painting, $40 for 2 wine glasses, $40 for 1 wine bottle and wood designs start at $45 (varies based on wood board selected).   There is a 10 person minimum fee of $400.  The studio is booked for 3 hours for your party.  A non-refundable deposit equal to 2 paint fees is required to hold the date, which is to be paid once the party is booked.  Your private party will be added to our calendar of events and  your guests are asked to register and pay on-line prior to the event date.  Our cancellation and refund policy is clearly stated on the registration screen.  Also, see FAQ for cancellation/refund policy. PLEASE NOTE:  No coupons or additional discounts are accepted for private parties.

We are a BYOB studio, you can bring in favorite beverages and food, as well as celebration cakes and party decor/balloons.   You can also have your favorite restaurant cater or delivery food to the studio.  We have cups, paper products, silverware, barware, serving utensils, and ice bucket/tubs available in the studio.  You can bring in ice.  We also have banquet tables available for your food and beverages and other party items.

At a private party, you can select any painting, glass or wood from our gallery.  We can also create a custom painting for your group, for a fee starting at $25.  100% of this fee is passed on to the designing artist.  WE NEED AT LEAST A 3 WEEK LEAD TO DO CUSTOM PAINTINGS.  The artist will work with you directly to customize a design for you, and price depends upon the number of sketches and/or reiterations completed to ensure you are 100% happy with your custom design.  All custom paintings become the property of The Sipping Muse and may be added to our public gallery.

If you would like to book a private party during a public event time slot, we do have extra studio space available for small groups of 10-15.  You will share the studio with public event attendees, but will have your own beverage/food banquet table.    In certain situations, we will consider closing the studio for a private event during a normal public event time slot.  If you are interested in closing the studio to the public, please contact us directly.  To close the studio, there is a $100 non-refundable fee (non-peak Mon-Wed, Thur & Fri afternoon) or $200 non-refundable fee (peak Thur/ Fri evenings, all day Sat & Sun) due at time of booking and you must have a minimum of 20 people.  Note:  If you have 35 or more people at your event, 50% of this fee will be credited toward the final balanced owed.

If you need more than 3 hours for your party, no problem.  We will rent additional time for $50/hour.

GROUP DISCOUNTS:  Are available for large groups, inquire when contacting us.

Fill out and submit the form in the “Contact” section to request a private event and someone from The Sipping Muse will contact you within 48 hours.  Be sure to include your name, estimated # of attendees, date and time, and the reason for your gathering. 

Note:  we will also rent out our studio space to groups, based on availability.  Contact us for more details.

COVID UPDATE:  Until further notice, we offer children’s events virtually via Zoom.  $25 per child which includes a To Go Paint Kit.  Plus one time fee of $40 for art instructor. 

The Sipping Muse is dedicated to providing a creative atmosphere for children of all ages to learn various art mediums as well as develop an appreciation for the arts.  We are very proud of our children’s program called “Young Muses Club”.

Throughout the month, our calendar of events includes multiple opportunities for children to experience a journey of creativity.  Look for after-school programs, holiday painting parties, family-friendly canvas selections at our public events, summer, spring and winter camps and our daily studio hours for kids to “pop in.”   Prices vary, see website Calendar of Events for specifics.

Our Pop In & Paint “open studio” is an opportunity for children to come in and paint whatever they want.  Based upon age, they will have access to non-toxic acrylic paint or washable acrylic paint.  Ages 5 and above. No art instruction is provided, however if artist is available, instruction can be provided for an additional $5 per child.  See Pop In & Paint FAQ for more details and pricing.

We love to help plan children parties in the studio.  Here is what we offer:

  • Suggested age 5 and up.  As about our mini-sessions for children 4 and under.
  • A minimum of 8 children are required (minimum fee paid is for 8 children, even if fewer are at the party).
  • We provide everything needed to paint, including a 12 x 12 OR 12 x 16 canvas (depending on painting choice), easel, non-toxic acrylic paint (washable paint and finger paint provided for younger guests upon request), aprons (smaller sizes available), an art instructor and one party assistant (for parties over 15 guests).
  • You bring in beverages and food, as well as celebration cakes.  Or, you can order pizza to be delivered. You can also bring in party decor/balloons/etc.
  • Generic cups, paper plates/napkins, utensils are available, however you can bring in your own themed party supplies.  We do have a knife available to cut your cake.  And, a lighter to light candles.  In addition, we have ice buckets/tubs available, you need to bring the ice.
  • Choose one design from our gallery and we can teach it “kid” friendly.  Or, we can customize a painting for you, fees start at $25 and require 3 weeks lead time.
  • No experience necessary, art instructor will guide the kids, step by step.
  • Our pricing is listed below and is based on the age of birthday child. NOTE:  if guests vary in age, pricing will vary.
    • Cost varies, based upon age:  $30 ages 13-16, $25 ages 9-12, $20 ages 5-8 and $13 ages 4 and under.
  • A non-refundable deposit equal to 2 paint fees is required to reserve the studio.  This deposit will cover 2 guests at your party.
  • We typically book between 2 and 2 1/2  hours for a children’s party, however will be based on painting selection and extra activities (ie pizza, cake, opening gifts).
  • Children must be supervised by Host and other adult guests.
  • NOTE:  Typically for parties booked during a weekday, there will not be any other groups in the studio.  However, on Thurs/Fri evenings and Sat and Sun afternoons, you could be sharing the studio with another event (including adults who may have alcohol).   We have a front section which accommodates 32 people and a back section for 12 people.   We do NOT book children’s parties with a start time after 4pm on Fri or Sat, unless special arrangements are made.  You can request to have the studio closed to the public for a fee.
  • Contact studio via on-line contact form to book your children’s party.  Please include age of child and estimated # of guests.

We will also come to your home for a children’s party.  Pricing is based on the age of the child and the # of children attending.  Fee are $5 higher than the costs noted above to cover travel costs.  NOTE:  there is a minimum of 10 children required.  Fee includes all art supplies, art instructor, party assistant and travel/set up/clean up charge.  Contact us for more information.


“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Pablo Picasso

COVID UPDATE:  We can do office parties or corporate events virtually via Zoom.  Contact us for customized programs.


Office Parties

Host your next office party at our studio, book early for Holiday parties.  We can accommodate up to 60 people and provide an art instructor and party assistant(s).  You can choose to paint on a 16 x 20 canvas or wine glass/beer glass or wood.  All supplies are provided.

Cost starts at $40 per person for canvas/glass and $45 for wood.

BYOB studio:  bring in your own food (or cater) and beverages.

Corporate Team Building Events
The Sipping Muse focuses on team BONDING with FUN as our primary objective for any Corporate team event.  Painting events are a wonderful way to strengthen your team while having a great time together! The Sipping Muse provides a fun and relaxing environment where employees can enjoy their time away from work, socializing with co-workers while tapping into their inner creativity through the process of painting.  Each team member will walk away with a physical reminder of this unique experience… a hand-painted canvas or glassware!

Here’s what The Sipping Muse offers:

  • All painting supplies, canvases or glassware provided, including bib aprons
  • Customized canvas or glass design
  • Expert art instructor
  • Energetic party assistants (based on # of participants)
  • The Sipping Muse’s BYOB Studio can accommodate up to 60 people
  • Groups can bring in any type of beverages and food/snacks
  • Mobile team also available to bring the experience to a venue of your choice
  • Programs can be customized specifically for your company
    • Art instructor leads team through creating a pre-selected painting on a 16 x 20 canvas, or can customize a painting upon request for a fee
    • Glass artist leads group through painting glassware

In-studio fees start at $40 per person.   $200 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking, balance due day of event.  Invoices  provided upon request.

Off-site fees start at $50 per person.  $200 non-refundable deposit and $100 travel fee due at time of booking, balance due 1 week before event.  Invoices provided upon request.

Fill out “contact us” form for more information.

COVID UPDATE:  Until further notice, The Sipping Muse is no longer doing off-site/in-home parties due to the Coronavirus.

The Sipping Muse has a mobile team available to bring the paint party to your home, school, church, community center, restaurant/bar, etc.  We provide everything you need to create your painting: non-toxic acrylic paint, various sizes of paint brushes, quality canvases (or wine glasses or wood boards), easels, aprons, table covers and other miscellaneous supplies.  In addition, one art instructor and a party assistant will attend the off-site event.  Host provides beverages, snacks, paper products, tables/chairs, adequate lighting, and music.  Also, if the Host wants to cover their floors, they should do so prior to our arrival.

The paint fee for in-home/off-site parties start at $50.00 per person for 16×20 canvas or 2 wine glasses (children off-site parties start at $30 per child for a 12×16 canvas and are based on age).  This fee includes our travel, set up and clean up fees, as well as all painting supplies.   Note:  Wood board painting is available, for a fee starting at $55 per person and is based upon the wood board selected.   We require a minimum of 10 guests, or minimum fee of $500 for Adult canvas/glass parties.  A $100 non-refundable deposit  (equal to 2 paint fees) is required to hold the date.  One week cancellation notice must be provided in order to receive a credit towards a future party.  If cancellation notice is not provided within 48 hrs of an off-site event, the deposit will be forfeited and no credit issued.

You are free to select from any current painting in our gallery. Or if you have something else in mind, you can discuss with one of our artist who can create something special for your event.   We can create a custom painting for your group, for a fee starting at $25 and need a three week lead time to complete.  One of our artists will work with you directly to customize a design for you, and the price depends upon the number of sketches and/or reiterations completed by the artist to ensure you are 100% happy with your custom design.  All custom paintings become the property of The Sipping Muse and may become part of our gallery.

Fill out and submit the form in the “Contact” section and someone from The Sipping Muse will contact you within 48 hours.  Be sure to include your name, city, estimated # of attendees, date and time, and the reason for your gathering.