A Cardinal in Your Yard

The very first painting The Sipping Muse ever created was “A Cardinal in Your Yard”.  We now have a winter, spring, summer and fall version of this painting.  It has been our most popular selection to date.  What is so special about this painting is the saying that goes a long with it, “When a Cardinal Appears in Your Yard, it’s a Visitor from Heaven.”  This saying and the painting has had so much meaning for me personally, as I lost my Mom 6 months before setting up The Sipping Muse as a company, and I’m always reminded of her when I see a cardinal.  And, when we first started doing in-home parties over a year ago, many groups chose this painting because they had recently lost someone.  We recently featured the painting in February at the studio, and those who attended had some beautiful memories to share about loved ones, as well as touching moments of seeing a cardinal in their yard and feeling the presence of their loved one.  They are always with us, those who have passed, in our memories and hearts.

We are offering the spring version of “A Cardinal in Your Yard” this Friday, March 10th from 6:30pm-9:30pm.  As a special offer for this meaningful painting, I have reduced the price to paint from $35 to $25.  See you at the studio!